When a witness is cross-examined, the following questions may be put to a witness in Cross-Examination.

1) Any Leading questions : According to Section 143 of the Indian Evidence Act, leading questions may be asked in cross-examination.

2) Any Relevant Questions: which need not be confined to facts deposed to in the examination-in-chief.under section 138.

3) Any question to testify his veracity

4)   Any questions as to his previous written statement for two purposes. viz., it may be to test his memory ; and here the very object would be defeated if the writing were placed in his hands before the questions were asked; or it may be to contradict him.under Section 145.

5) Any questions to discover who he is and what is his position in life; Under Section 146

6) Any Questions to shake his credit, by injuring his character, although the answer to such questions might tend directly or indirectly to criminate him, or might expose or tend directly or indirectly to expose him to a penalty or forfeiture under Section 146.

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  1. Cross-examination is an invaluable component of the legal process, where insightful questions illuminate the truth. These queries serve as beacons guiding legal professionals through the intricacies of a case, revealing nuances that may otherwise remain concealed. Thoughtful and well-crafted questions not only unravel the complexities of witness testimonies but also contribute to the pursuit of justice. They are the instruments through which advocates seek clarity, challenge assumptions, and fortify their arguments. Embracing the art of cross-examination empowers legal practitioners to navigate the courtroom with precision, fostering a fair and transparent judicial system. In essence, the questions posed during cross-examination are the keystones that unlock the doors to truth, ensuring the integrity of legal proceedings and reinforcing the principles upon which justice stands.

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