Difference between Right and Privilege:





Meaning: Right means the standard of permitted action by law. Right is legally enforceable claim, inseparably associated with remedy.  Rights are legally protected interests.  

Meaning: Privilege is a benefit or immunity conferred by law on a person or Group of Persons.

In simple words Privilege means the freedom which a person has i.e. to do or not to do something.


A right involves something to be done or abstained by another person for the benefit of the person with the right.

Privilege, carries the idea that the person who enjoys the liberty can by himself do or abstain from doing what he has the right of doing or abstain from doing.


In a right the action or the forbearance comes from the one who is burdened to satisfy the right.

In privilege there is no one else who has to carry out the act or abstinence; it is the enjoyer of the privilege who is himself to act or abstain.


Right implies duty cast on another person who must not disregard the right.

Law cannot interfere in case of privilege. Privilege is absence of restraint.

In the Widest sense of the term right, right may be taken to include privilege.


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