The legal profession is such a profession which is interlinked in various ways with multifarious activities of the society. During the course of maintaining such relationship, the lawyer has to show his ability, capacity as well sobriety in dealing with the people. The lawyer employs his ability and enthusiasm towards his work and duties by maintaining coolness of his mind. Here are some tips given by Justice R.C. Lahoti, retired Chief Justice of India, necessary and relevant to get success to Law student who wish to join legal Profession..

1 . Hard Work :

                   The Law graduates who join legal profession, have to work hard to get success in the profession. They have "to live like a hermit and work like horse."

2 . Physical Fitness :

                     The law graduates who join legal profession, are required to have a sound physique and healthy body and mind to bear the burden of higher responsibilities and challenges of strenuous legal profession.
3 . To vale the Time :

                    The law graduates who undertake legal profession are required to value the importance of time. In this profession the time has to be saved for utilization in delivering and completing the unfinished task before them.   

4 . Good Knowledge of English  Language :

                    Besides knowing well their mother language, the law graduates before joining the profession, should enrich their knowledge of English language. Good command over English , is essential for legal profession as English has become the  International language and it is the the only language which is known to computers all over the world .

5 . Knowledge of Computers :

                  Good knowledge of Computers is also essential for legal profession. 

6 . Reading Literature :

                 In order to broaden the vision and outlook, the law graduates should study available literature in law. The books and journals in law consist of fundamentals of law and jurisprudential   thoughts. These books consist of legal research. biographies and autobiographies of eminent judges and jurists which inspire to remain in the profession to prosper there.

7 . Look smart :

               A professional should look smart and attractive . He should always bear a smile face and try to look as attractive as he can. An astute client assesses his worth in the first meeting and is impressed with the appearance and impact of his personality.

8 . Develop Some Hobby  :

               Every professional must have some hobby to get rid of monotony of the profession from day-to-day life. 

9 . Aim High :

               Legal profession is no doubt over crowed, still the law graduates joining the profession should not feel diffident rather have high aims and ambition to flourish in the profession.



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