Martial Law :
    Martial law is the law administered in Courts  maintained by military authorities.

Kinds of Martial Law :

There are three kinds of Martial law are as follows -

1)  It is the law of the discipline and control of the army itself and he is commonly known as the military law. It affects the army alone and never the civil population.

2)  The second kind of Martial Law is that by which in times of war, the army governs any foreign land in its military occupation. The country is governed by the military commander through the prerogative of the sovereign. The law in this case depends upon the pleasure of military commanders.

3) The third kind of Martial Law is the law by which in times of war, the army governs the realm itself in derogation of the civil law so far as the same is required for public safety or military necessity. The temporary establishment of military justice can be justified on the ground of necessity. The establishment of a military Government and military justice is known as the proclamation of Martial Law. Courts  cannot question the validity of the action of a military commander if he had acted honestly.


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