The judiciary has made the following suggestions for improvement of police image :

1. Policemen should be made to understand that they are basically to help the public and not harass them.

2 . The use of force should be minimized to the barest necessity so that public voluntarily extends a helping hand to the police.

3 . In order to win public co-operation and support, the police must demonstrate absolute impartiality in it's work without being influenced by the pressure from political high ups.

4 . Proper training should be imparted to policemen of all ranks and they should be apprised of the latest techniques of crime detection and investigation.

5 . The police force should be adequately staffed and equipped with latest weapons to meet new challenges.

6 . The police Act of 1861 needs to be repealed and the new police Act 2006, brought into effect forthwith.

7 . The police machinery should be insulated from political interference as recommended by Dharma vira commission report.

8. Surprise visits to police stations and similar units of senior officers should be intensified. This would help in early detection of persons held up in unauthorised custody and subjected to ill-treatment.

9 . Above all, torture victims should be dealt with sympathetically and should be adequately compensated and also provided necessary medical treatment and rehabilitation. At the same time, those found guilty of torture and atrocities, should be sternly punished.


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