No.... Law is not Blind! Its eyes are wide open. It sees everything. It feels everything. It keeps eyes open , when the force is reigning supreme. When law enters through the door , lobe flies out of window, When the force is supreme, law sits watchful, stays quiet but pounces upon, when the force dies out.

The people are made to understood that law is blind. It is an utterly misconceived notion.

            The Deity of Law keeps eyes closed: Its real purpose is to give a message that when the law is trying an accused; it does not see, 'who' is 'who'. Who is 'victim', who is 'accuser', who is 'witness', who is 'judge' complete neutrality, unbiased judging, 'no fear', 'no favor'. this is the real purpose of or secret of eyes keeping closed.

               Justice,  Equality, Liberty being all guaranteed only by 'keeping the scales even', by rule of law. 'Due to all' 'undue to none', 'due' by 'due means '. Like alike', not 'unlike alike'  Reasonable classification permissible for 'Group' or justice to 'class', but it should have rationale nexus to the object sought to be achieved; clear why 'ABC' included in 'benefit getting group', why 'XYZ' excluded from that group or class. 

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