1. Husband living in adultery :-

A single instance of the husband having sexual intercourse outside wedlock does not suffice.

2. Husband is converted to another religion :-

Apostacy does not ipso facto dissolve the marriage. It can only furnish ground for a divorce.

3. Husband suffering from incurable insanity, leprosy or venereal disease for not less than three years immediately prior to the petition for divorce.

4. No compliance with a decree for restitution of conjugal rights for two years or more.

5. Husband not having been heard of for seven years or more.

6. Husband becoming a sanyasi.

7 . There was a decree for judicial separation and husband has not resumed cohabitation though two years or more have expired since the passing of the decree.

8. Husband has been guilty of rape. Sodomy or bestiality.

9. A woman married before the Act has one further ground : husband has another wife whom also he married before the Act either before or after the petitioner's marriage and such other wife is alive at the time of the presentation of the petition.

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