Marriage is a stable, Socially permitted exclusive Union between a male and female. According to Mazumdar marriage is "socially sanctioned union of male and female or as a secondary institution devised by society to sanction the Union and mating of male and female, for purpose of  establishing household , entering into sex relations, procreating and providing care for the offspring".

                Ancient Hindu Scriptures treated marriage as a sacramental, indissoluble union to beget a son for salvation and to discharge religious A secular duties. According to Muslim law Marriage is a civil contract the object of which is Mutual enjoyment and procreating and legalizing the children . It was also treated as religious duty (ilbadat)

                Among parsis the marriage is essentially a contract but the ceremony of as ashirvad by a priest is essentially. A marriage among Christians is also a contract solemnized by a minister of religion.

Forms of marriage : 

 Here are  twelve forms of marriage are as follows :

1. Polyandry -- 

           In Polyandry  there is one wife  and plurality of husband's . It may be either fraternal polyandry where wife marrying brothers or non fraternal where the husband's need not be brothers.

2) Polygamy -- 
    In polygamy there is one husband and many wives.

3. Monogamy -- 

      In monogamy there is one man-one wife.

4) Hypergamy --

     Marriage of daughter superior family.

5. Levirate --

       Marrying childless widow of his brother

6) Sororate -

     Marrying the sisters of the deceased wife

7. Sororal polygyny --

     A man marrying several sisters.

8) Anuloma marriage -- 

     An inter caste marriage where an upper caste man marries a lower caste woman.

9. Pratiloma marriage --

     An inter caste marriage where a lower caste man marries an upper caste woman.

10) Concubinage -- 

     A woman cohabiting with a man without marriage .

11. Exogamy -- 

    Marrying outside blood relationship.

12) Endogamy -- 

     marrying within the blood relationship.


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