Offer to a specific person or group are known as specific offer whereas Offers to public are known as general offer. Lalman Vs. Gauri Datta 1913, Carlill Vs. Carbolic Smoke Ball Company 1893 QB 256 are its examples.  

Distinction between General offer and Specific offer. 

General Offer
Specific Offer
General offer is made to the public in general or society or community as a whole.
Specific offer is made to one person or group of persons.

General offer can be accepted by any one.
Specific offer can be accepted only by the person or persons to whom it is made.

Acceptance need not be expressed, the performance by the offeree according to the terms of offer is sufficient to enforce the contract.
The offer must express his acceptance to enforce the contract.

Relevant Case Law : 

 Carlill Vs. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. 1893 QB 256

              In this case a Smoke Ball Co. offered to pay 100 pounds to any person, who will suffer from influenza after using Smoke Ball according to directions. The plaintiff used the Smoke Balls but suffered from influenza she was entitled to recover 100 pounds.   


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