In a Public Interest Litigation, the Advocate allegedly stated in his writ petition thus :

            "Thus the working of the Judges are cocktail based on western Common Laws and American Techniques, as such unproductive and outdated socioeconomic conditions of the country."

          "This Court has become a constitutional liability without having control over the illegal acts of the Government...Thus the people for whom the constitution is meant have now turned down their forces against it which is a disillusionment for fear that justice is a will-o-the wisp".

            "This Court is sleeping over the issues like Kumbhakarna."

           The Court held that many of the allegations are likely to lower the prestige of the Supreme Court as the apex Judicial Institution. The Court is of the prima facie view that the petitioner has been drawn up with a designed purpose of bringing the Court into contempt and the petitioner is prima facie guilty of Contempt.

              The Court dismissed the petition as the petition is an act against public interest. The Registrar is directed to draw up an appropriate proceedings for contempt and issue notice to the petition calling upon him to show cause in person, as to why he may not be proceed under the Contempt of Courts  Act.      

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