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Who constitute Bench -

                The term 'Bench' is used for the body of judges as a whole or the Judiciary and every judge represents the Bench in its popular sense.  Judges are elected from the Advocates by either competitive examination by State Public Service Commission or Advocates who are thought to be competent to be elevated as a judge of the High Court are appointed as Judges of a High Court by the President of India according to certain established procedure. The High Court Judges who have outstanding merits are elevated as judges of the Supreme Court.
                Advocates are  enrolled by the State Bar Council as such, on getting L.L.B degree from a University and getting a certain training under some advocate as prescribed by rules. The advocates are known as the Bar as a whole body of advocates and an advocate represents the Bar.

              Thus, it may be said that judges are refined and Reformed selected advocates and not strangers to the profession of Advocates.

Functions and objects of the Bench and  Bar -
                   Judges render justice, whereas the Advocates get justice rendered through the Judges. The object of both is the same which is to get and render fair and unprejudicial justice to the people.
An Advocates function is not to get his client to win by fair or foul means; and fair Justice and the judges also obliged to render fair justice and not to involve foul or corrupt means in rendering justice which would be function of poisoning the society itself and the advocates involved in foul means to get their clients win their cases instead of get them punished for crimes or taken tovtask for compensation for their wrong doings.
                Advocates are to assist the judges for rendering fair justice through fair play in Courts and not to function as butures of justice itself and to render fair and unprejudicial justice and not to involve in corruption is the very function of the judges.


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