Public Document
Private Document
Section 74 of the Evidence Act defines Public Document.

Section 75 of the Evidence Act defines Private Document.

The following documents are public documents —
(1) Documents forming the acts, or records of the acts—
(i) of the sovereign authority,
(ii) of official bodies and tribunals, and
(iii) of public officers, legislative, judicial and executive, of any part of India or of the Commonwealth, or of a foreign country;
(2) Public records kept in any State of private documents.
Sec. 75. All other documents are private.

Public documents are kept in the custody some special authority.
Private documents are kept in the custody of some private persons

It is prepared by a Public Servant.
It is created / prepared out of an agreement between the parties concerned 

Certified copies of the Public documents may be issued to a person requiring them.
Certified copies of Private documents can be issued.

Certified copies of Public Document can be received in evidence without proof.
Certified copies of Private document cannot be taken in evidence without proof of the original document.


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