Function of a great Advocate are as follows -

1) counseling - 

        A truly great advocate is wise Counselor to all manner of men in the varied crises of their lives when they most need disinterested advice.  counseling calls for a wide and deep knowledge of human nature and of modern society and most difficult of all, truly great counseling calls for an ability to forecast the Trends of the law.

2) Advocacy -      

          An able advocate is a skilled and trained one in the art of prosecuting and defending the legal rights of man both in the trial Courts and on appeal. Advocacy is not a gift of the God. In its trial as well as in its appellate aspects it involves several distinct arts, each of which must be studied and mastered. Unless an advocate has had experience, it is difficult to see how he can be a thoroughly competent Counselor for he will not be able to evaluate his clients cause in terms of the realities of the court rooms.   

3) Improving his profession, the courts and law  -
         An advocate is to do his part individually and as a member of the organized Bar to improve his profession, the Courts and the law. An advocate shall do his best to carry all legitimate promises made to the opposite party even though not reduced to writing or enforceable under the rules of the court.

 4) Unselfish Leader of public opinion - 

        In a free society every advocate has a responsibility that of acting as an intelligent, unselfish leader of  public opinion

5) Proactive to accept responsibility - 

       Every advocate must be prepared, not necessarily to seek public office but to answer the call for public service when it comes.


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