The judges administer the law with the participation of advocates as officers of the court. The Bar and Bench, thus, play an important role in the administration of justice.  The advocates are expected to assist the court in an appropriate manner in the administration of justice. The legal profession is a branch of administration of justice and is a partner with judiciary in this context.       
        An advocate is a Privileged member of the community and gentlemen besides being a citizen he has greater responsibility to protect the country and lead the community  


Duties of an advocate towards his colleagues and opponents are as follows -

A)     Duty to Opponent - (Section – III) –

               1)    An advocate shall not in any way communicate or negotiate upon the subject matter of controversy with any party represented by an Advocate except through that Advocate.

              2) An Advocate shall do his best to carry out all legitimate promises made to the opposite party even though not reduced to writing or enforceable under the rules of the court.

               3) An advocate shall not mislead an opponent, or put him on the wrong scent, regarding any point in this case.  


B)  Duty towards Colleagues (Section – IV)–

            1) An advocate shall not solicit work or advice directly or indirectly through Mass Communication.

            2) An advocate shall not pursue his profession in spirit of competition or rivalry, with his brethren.

            3) An advocate should be courteous to opposing Counsel and should accede to reasonable request regarding Court proceedings.

             4) An advocate shall not enter appearance in any case in which there is already a Vakalatnama or Memo of appearance filed by an advocate engaged for a party expect with his consent.

             5) An advocate does not envy another advocate who attains to position and rank and earns well.

             6) An younger advocate must be cordial and relationship and pay respect to senior advocates.

             7) An advocates shall be ready to give help and advice to brother members.

             8) An advocate shall strive at all the levels aid the legal profession in advancing the standard of members of profession.

             9) An advocate shall not accept a fee less than taxable under the rules when the client is able to pay the same.

            10) An advocate shall not permit his professional services or his name to be used in aid or the make possible, the unauthorized practice of law by any lay agency.
           Advocate should maintain their high traditions of Fearless Independence, probity and integrity, and live up to their noble ideals and dedicated lives for the Vindication of truth, and Justice, and also for good of the common man.


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