1) In many cases where there is no contract the law upon equitable grounds imposes obligation which is called :

A) Enforceable and equitable obligation

B) Quasi contract

C) Void contract

D) Voidable contract

Answer : B

2) An agreement is unlawful if it is :

A) By way of wager

B) Adoption of a child for exchange of money

C) In restraint of marriage

D) In restraint of trade

Answer : B

3) Which one of the following cases deals with promissory estoppel ?

A) Kedarnath Vs Gorie Mohammad

B) Lalman Shukla Vs Guru Dutta

C) Twedle Vs Atkinson

D) Durga Prasad Vs Baldeo

Answer : A

4) Change of nature of the obligation in a contract is known as :

A) Rescission

B) Novation

C) Alteration

D) Renovation

Answer : B

5) Which one of the following statements is true ?

A) An can offer can be revoked but an acceptance cannot

B) An acceptance can be revoked but an offer cannot

C) Offer and acceptance are revocable

D) Offer and acceptance are irrevocable

Answer : C


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