1) A promises to paint a picture for B by a certain day at a certain price. A dies before the day. The contract :

A) Cannot be enforced either by A's representatives or by B

B) Cannot be enforced by A's representatives  but can be by B

C) Cannot be enforced by B but can be by A's representatives

D) None of these

Answer : A

2) A, B and C jointly promise to pay D the sum of Rs. 3,000. C is compelled to pay the whole. A is insolvent but his assets are sufficient to pay one half of his debts. C is entitled

A) To receive Rs. 500 from A's estate and Rs. 1,250 from B

B) To receive Rs. 1,500 from B

C) To receive Rs. 500 from A's estate and Rs. 1,000 from B

D) To receive Rs. 1,000 from B

Answer : A

3) A promise to deliver goods at B's warehouse on first January, on that day A brings the goods to B's warehouse, but after the hour closing it, and they are not received

A) A has not preformed his promise

B) A has performed his promise

C) Both A and B

D) None of these

Answer : A

4) A and B Contract to marry with each other. Before the time fixed for marriage. A goes mad

A) The contract becomes Void

B) The contract becomes Voidable

C) T agreement becomes Void

D) None of these

Answer : A

5) A change of nature of obligation of a Contract is known as

A) Novation

B) Rescission

C) Alteration

D) None of these

Answer : A

6) Section 236 of Indian Contract Act, provides :

A) Person falsely contracting as agent, not entitled to performance

B) Liability of principle inducing belief and agents unauthorized acts were authored

C) Effect on agreement of misrepresentation or Fraud by agent

D) None of the above

Answer : A


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