1) Section 56 of the Indian contract act, 1872 does not apply to...

A) Executed contract

B) Agreement

C) Contract

D) Void agreement

Answer : A

2) The case in which, for the first time in England, principle relating to measures of damages upon breach of contract was laid down is...

A) Bourne vs Mason

B) Taylor vs Caldwell

C) Hadley vs Baxendale

D) Harvey vs Facey

Answer : C

3) The case of Subhash Kumar Manwani  vs state of Madhya Pradesh in related to...

A) Doctrine of frustration of contract

B) Wagering agreement

C) Quasi contract

D) Unlawful agreement

Answer : B

4) Under which one of the following sections of the indian contract act, A voidable contract can be cancelled...

A) Section 65

B) Section 66

C) Section 64

D) Section 67

Answer : C

5) In which one of the following sections of the Indian contract act the term consent has been defined...

A) Section 13

B) Section 14

C) Section 15

D) Section 12

Answer : A


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