1)  Which  one of the following is correct ? 

When a minor has been supplied with necessaries on credit:

A) Minor is not liable

B)  Minor's estate is liable.

C) Minor is Personally liable

D) Minor is liable at his option.

Answer :  B

2) which one of the following proposition relating to a Minor's  contract is true ?

A) A Minor's  contract being void a minor is not bound to pay for necessaries supplied to him .

B) As a Minor's  contract is voidable he is bound to pay for necessaries supplied to him

C)  Though a Minor's contract is void he is bound to pay for necessaries supplied to him .

D) A Minor is bound to pay necessaries supplied to him because a Minor's contract is void .

Answer : A

3) C let a music hall to X,  for a series of music concerts for certain days. The hall was completely destroyed by fire before the scheduled date of concerts
In this case :

A) C cannot be discharged from performance of the contract.

B) The contract becomes voidable at the option of X

C) The contract is discharged by impossibility of performance.

D) The contract is void ab initio.

Answer : C

4) A, a tradesman leaves goods at B's house by mistake, B treats the goods has his own. Which one of the following remedies available to A ?

A) A Will forgo his claim over goods.

B) A is entitled to the same goods from B.

C) B is entitled to hire charges

D B is bound to pay A for them.

Answer : D

5)  The principles relating to measures of damages in case of breach of contract which has Bearing On section 73 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 and which came in Hadley vs Baxendale was laid down by :

A) Lord Atkin 

B) Wills J .

C) Anderson B.J.

D) Cockburn C.J

Answer : C


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