1) The case of Hadley Vs Baxendale is related to : 
A) Quasi contract

B) Contingent contract

C) Damages for breach of contract

D) Impossibility of contracts

Answer : C

2) The amount of damage is determined under the following section of the Indian contract Act :

A) Section 70

B) Section 73

C) Section 72

D) Section 75

Answer : B

3) Section 73 provides :

A) Compensation for loss or damage caused by breach of contract

B) Compensation for breach of contract where penalty stipulated for

C) Party rightfully rescinding contract entitled to compensation

D) Right of indemnity holder when use

Answer : A

4) Where there is a breach of contract, special damages are awarded :

A) In all cases

B) Only when there are special circumstances

C) Only when there is a special loss

D) Only when there is a notice of the likely special loss

Answer : D

5) A right to use on quantum merit arises :

A) When a party has fully performed the contract

B) When a party partly performed the contract and is discharged by the other party

C) When a contract is discharged by impossibility of performance

D) When a contract becomes illegal

Answer : B.


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