1) A contract has been rightfully rescinded, the person rescinding the contract is entitled to the damages caused by non-performance of the contract. Which section of the Indian Contract Act 1872 says so ?

A) Section 19 

B) Section 19-A 

C) Section 67 

B) Section 75 

Answer : D

2)  Section 37 of Indian contract Act, 1872  provides  : 

A) Obligations of parties to contract 

B) Effect of refusal to accept offer of performance.

C) Effect of refusal of party to perform promise wholly.

D) Person by whom promise is to be performed.

Answer : A 

3) Section 42 provides : 

A) Devolution of joint liabilities

B) Devolution of joint rights 

C) Person who promise is to be performed .

D)  Effect of the accepting performance from third person.

Answer : A

4) A, B and C jointly promise to pay D sum of 3,000 rupees ,  D may : 

A) Not compel either A or B or C to pay him 3,000 rupees 

B)  Compel either A or B or C to pay him 3,000 rupees.

C) Compel either A or B or C to pay him own share .

D ) Compel A, B and C jointly only.

Answer : B

5) Section 43 of The Indian Contract Act 1872 provides : 

A)  Devolution of joint liabilities.

B)  Any one of the joint promisor may be compelled to perform.

C) Devolution  of joint rights.

D) Effect of release of one joint promisor. 

Answer : B


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