1) Section 36 of Indian Contract Act 1872 provides:

A) Agreement contingent on impossible event void.

B) Enforcement of contracts contingent on event's not happening

C) When contract Becomes void, which are contingent on happening of specified event within fixed time.

D) None of the above

Answer : A

2) A agrees to pay ₹ 10000 if B will marry A's daughter C. C was dead at the time of agreement. The agreement is :

A) Void

B) Valid

C) Illegal

D) Valid

Answer : A

3) Which of the following is a contingent contract?

A) A insure his factory against damage or destruction of fire

B) A  sells his property subject to the condition that the property will be reconveyed to him on payment of price with interest.

C) A guard is appointed at a swimming pool for the sole purpose of rescuing drawing persons

D)A borrower solemnly promises to pay off the lender when the borrower will be in funds

Answer : A

5) A makes a contract with B to buy his house for ₹ 50,000 if he is Able to secure a bank loan for that amount. Contract us :

A)  Void for vagueness

B) Wagering contract

C) Contingent contract

D) Voidable contract

Answer : C


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