1) Which section of Indian contract Act provides that agreement contingent on impossible event is void ?

A) Section  31

B) Section 36

C) Section 35

D) Section 33

Answer : B

2) Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?

A) Satyabrat Ghosh Vs Mugneetam : doctrine of frustration

B) Shri Krishna Vs University of kurukshetra : contingent contract

C) Hochester Vs De La Tour : Anticipatory branch of contract.

D) Hardly Vs Baxendale : damages for breach of contract.

Answer B

3) A contingent contract :

A) A valid contract

B) Is  a voidable contract

C) Is a contract void - ab - initio

D) Is a contract which becomes void when the event becomes impossible.

Answer : D

4) A promises to pay 5,000 to B if his house is burnt . This is a :

A) Wagering contract

B) Contingent contract

C) Quasi contract

D) Contract of bailment

Answer : B

5) A agrees to pay B , a sum of money if a certain ship does not return. This ship is sunk. The contract can be enforced:

A) When the ship sinks

B) When the ship returns

C) When the ship does not sink

D) When the ship moves

Answer : A


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