1) To constitution consideration in section 2D of the Indian Contract Act 1872, a consideration may be done by the promise of any other person was first time adopted by the court of Kings bench in 1677 in the case of :

A ) Dutton vs Poole

B) Tweddle VS Aktinson

C) Oliver vs Davis

D) Dunlop pneumatic Tyre Company Limited Vs self-ridge and Company Limited.

Answer : A

2) Is The past consideration for a promise valid to create a contract :

A) It is valid only in Indian law and not in English law.

B) It is valid only in English law and not in Indian law.

C) It is valid live in both Indian law and English law.

D) It is neither valid in Indian law nor in English law.

Answer : A

3)When at the Desire of the  promisor, the  promisee or any other person has done or abstained from doing, or does or abstain from doing or promises to do something or obtain from doing something such act or abstinence or promise is called :

A) Agreement

B) Contract

C) Consideration

D) proposal

Answer : C

4) Where no application is made and no time is specified for performance of promise, there the 
 agreement must be performed within  :

A) Three years

B)  Two years

C) One Year

D) Reasonable time

Answer : D

5) A contract through telephone is considered concluded at the place where acceptance is heard. In which of the following case it was held ?

A) Bhagwan Das Vs Giridhari Lal.

B) Carlil Vs Carbolic smoke Ball Co.

C)Lalman Shukla Vs Gauridutt

D) Satybhadra Ghosh Vs Mugneeram

Answer : A.

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