1) X applied for the principalship of a local college and the governing body passed a resolution appointing him. After the meeting, one of the members of the members of the governing body privately informed him of the  resolution. Subsequently the resolution was rescinded, X claims damages.
In this context which one of the following propositions is correct ?

A) X cannot claim damages as there was no communication.

B) X can claim damages as there was private communication of resolution.

C) X is not qualified for principalship so he cannot claim damages .

D) the governing body can not resigned the resolution once password so X can claim damages .

Answer : A

2) Which one of the following statement is not correct ?

A) Oral acceptance is a valid acceptance the acceptance.

 B) Acceptance must be in prescribed manner.

C) Acceptance must be communicated.

D)  Acceptance must be in the prescribed  manner.

Answer : B

3) Acceptance sent through post :

A) Can be revoked at any time.

B) Cannot be revoked at all .

C) Can be revoked before it comes to the knowledge of the offeror .

D)  Can be revoked only if it does not reach the offerior.

Answer : C

4) Which one of the following does not amount to revocation  under section 6 of Indian Contract Act 1872 ?

A) By communication of notice of revocation.

B) by failure of the acceptor to fulfill a condition precedent to acceptance.

C) By lapse of time prescribed in the such proposal for acceptance.

D) By the death of the acceptors.

Answer : D

5) which one of the following statement is correct ?
The communication of acceptance is complete as against the proposer as soon as :

A) Acceptor writes the letter of acceptance.

B) Acceptor posrs the letter of acceptance.

C) The  proposer receives the letter of acceptance.

D) Proposer Reads the letter of acceptance.

Answer : B


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