What is 'religion' under the constitution of India ?

                          The term religion has not been defined in the constitution . It has no precious definition. The Supreme Court has however given this term an expansive content. In Laxmindra case 1953, Supreme Court  observed, religion is certainly a matter of faith with individuals or communities and it is not necessarily theistic. Religion is the belief which binds spiritual nature of Man to Super natural being. It includes worship,faith, belief, devotion,etc. and  extends to rituals. A religious right is the right of a person believing in a particular faith to practice it .preach it and profess it. A religion is a matter of faith. Supreme Court has stated that the guarantee under the constitution of India not only protects the freedom of religious opinion, but it protects also act done in pursuance  of religion.

Religious freedom to Profess subject to rights of others -
In India, The secular state is most suitable for peace and harmony in the states which have heterogeneous population practicing different religions.  Indian Constitution provides a secular state guarantees freedom of religion in article 25 to 28 to all Indians. whether they belong to minority community or majority community the freedom guaranteed in these Article's includes the following

1. Article 25.-
 freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion.

2. Article 26 -
freedom to manage a religious affairs .

3. Article 27 -
freedom from taxation for promotion of any particular religion.

4. Article. 28 -
freedom from compulsory religious worship or attendance at religious instruction in educational institutions.


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