Classification of torts  
Torts are infinitely various, not Limited or confined, for there is nothing in nature but maybe and instrument of mischief. all writer on the law of tort and unanimously  agree that it is difficult to classify torts with scientific accuracy. some writer sub-divide one portion of the whole class of wrongful act on one principle and another portion on another principle. to frame a scheme of classification which shall be at one's comprehensive accurate and easily intelligible is it seems, a problem not yet solved; and scarcely two writers have agreed to one and the same or a uniform scheme. the classification adopted in this work is----
   There are several types of wrong. Torts classified as follows -
    A) Personal wrong---
              1) Wrongs affecting safety and freedom of the person: assault; battery; false  imprisonment.
              2) Wrongs affecting Personal relations in the family : seduction; enticing away of servants.
             3) Wrong affecting reputation : slander and libel.
             4) Wrongs affecting estate generally : deceit; slander of title; fraudulent competition by col-ourable imitation, etc.; malicious prosecution; conspiracy.
  B) Wrongs of property---
         1) Trespass--(a) to land.
                                 (b) to goods
Conversion and unnamed wrongs ejusdem generis .
Disturbance of easements, etc.
         2) Interference with right analogous to property, such as private franchises, patents, copyrights , trademarks.
    C) Wrongs to parson, estate and property generally---
          1) Nuisance.
          2) Negligence.
          3) Breach of absolute duties specially attached to the occupation of fixed property, to the ownership and custody of dangerous things, and to the exercise of certain public callings.


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