Because of the conflict of the laws of nationality of different countries , a situation often arises when a person possess nationality of more than one state. To give example of such a case is that of a woman, who after her marriage acquires the nationality of her husband and also continues to possess her original nationality .
            The double nationality may also be acquired by birth if parents are at the time of birth in a state whose nationality they do not possess. Consequently, treaties may provide that the person may ,by their will,select their nationality.
    The Hague conference of 1930 made an attempt to remove the difficulty arising out of double nationality in consequence of war . Article 3 to 6 of the Hague convention contain the provisions in this connection. e.g. Article 5 provides that such a person shall be treated in their state as if he has only one nationality . the third state will either recognize the nationality which is more relevant in accordance with the facts and circumstances of each individual case.
          Article 8 to 11 provide for the nationality of married women. In these provision, an endeavor has been made to remove the difficulties. According to the principal contained in these provisions if a woman marries, then she will automatically acquire the nationality of her husband. In the recent times the convention on nationality of married women is yet another significant attempt to remove the difficulties and problems arise out of the double nationality.


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