Conciliation is becoming rapidly popular , as an alternative to other formal and informal modes of dispute resolution due to its obvious advantages -

    1) It offers a more flexible alternative , for a wide variety of disputes , small as well as large ;

    2) It obviates the parties from seeking recourse to the court system.

    3) It reserves the freedom of the parties to withdraw from conciliation without prejudice to their legal position inter se at any stage of the proceeding.

    4) It is committed to maintenance of confidentiality throughout the proceedings and thereafter of the dispute , the information  exchanged the offers and counter offers of solutions made and the settlement arrived at .

     5) It is cost -effective and produces quicker resolutions of disputes

     6) It facilitate the maintenance of continued relationship between the parties even after the settlement or at least during the period the settlement is attempted at. this feature is of particular significance to the parties who are required to continued their relationship despite the dispute, as in the case of disputes arising out of construction contracts family relationships , family properties or disputes between members of  any business or other organizations ;
     7)  There is no scope for corruption or bias.

  Above mentioned all are advantages of resolution of a dispute by conciliation. 


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