Advocates are officers of the Court, they are expected to assist the Court in the Administration of Justice. Advocates collect materials relating to the case and thereby assist the Court in arriving at a (conclusion) correct judgment. An advocate is a partner with the judiciary in the administration of Justice. 

Duties of an Advocate in the Court while dealing with his case

1) As the advocate is are officers of the court, they are required to maintain towards the court respectful attitude bringing in mind that the dignity of the judicial office is essential for the survival of the society.

 2) an advocate should make his best effort to restrain and prevent his Clint from resorting to unfair practices in relation to the court

 3) an advocate should not influence the decision of the court by any illegal or improper means

 4) an advocate should not communicate with a judge relating to pending case

5) an advocate is required to conduct himself with dignity and self-respect during the presentation of the case

6) an advocate should not consider himself mere mouthpiece of the client and should exercise his own judgment in the use of restrained language in dealing with the court

7) an advocate should not use intemperate language during arguments in the court .he should avoid scurrilous attacks in pleadings

8) an advocate should make accurate statement of facts and should not twice them

9) an advocate should not misguide the court by citing knowingly an overruled decision or a repealed statue

10) an advocate should uphold the dignity and should not do anything which brings the court into disrepute


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