Corporeal  Property

 Incorporeal Property


Corporeal property is the right of ownership in material things.

Incorporeal property also called as intellectual or conventional property.  it includes all those valuable interests which are protected by law


Corporeal property is always visible and tangible.

Incorporeal property is intangible


Corporeal property can be perceived by senses.  It can be seen or touched.

It cannot be Perceived by Senses


Examples -A House, Land, Car, Bike etc

Examples - example patents, copyrights, trademarks etc.


Corporeal property is divided into two classes- 

1. Movable Property (Chattels)

      2. Immovable property. (Land and buildings)

      3. Real and Personal Property 

Incorporeal property is divided into two classes- 

1) Jura in re propria Over Material things (for example patents, copyrights, trademarks etc)

2) Jura in re Aliena encumbrances, whether over material or immaterial things, for example, Lease, Mortgages and Servitude etc


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